Why do you use bamboo and not wood? For us it’s a matter of sustainability. Bamboo Facts:
  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable products avaliable,
  • It's very fast growing.
  • It doesn't need as much land mass as timber. 
  • Our bamboo is sustainable farmed and FSC Certified
  • Unlike timber, bamboo regrows itself after being harvested.

Do you offer free shipping?

  • All our products come with free worldwide shipping regardless of where you live. We also offer express services at a very affordable price.


Are my payments secure on your site?
  • We use highly secure payment gateways, so when you buy from our online store, you can buy with confidence.
  • Our website is protected by McAfee Security.

Do your sunglasses come with a polarised lens?

  • Yes, all of our sunglasses have polarised lens’s. Our TAC UV400 lens give you protection from both UVA and UVB. 

What happens if my glasses get wet?

  • Our glasses actually float in water and have a special coating that protects the natural fibres in the bamboo as well as protecting them from water and cracking, though we recommend giving them a dry off they get fully submerged in water. We also recommend washing off any salt water in fresh water and drying with a towel as in some rare cases, salt water or extreme direct heat can cause the lens to de-laminate. 

Can I put prescription lenses into your sunglasses?

  • As prescription lenses are generally thicker than a sunglass lens, you run the risk of damaging the frame if you were to try and fit them in.
  • We do have a range of prescription ready frames called Espy

Are your Bamboo Watches adjustable for different wrist sizes?

  • Our Bamboo Watches strap is a standard size of 210cm.
  • All our Bamboo Watches can have the links removed for optimal sizing. We recommend you use a authorised watch dealer to take the links out, but this can be done easily by you.
  • We have two types of link pins in our Bamboo Watches. Screw and friction pin lock links which are both easily removed.

Can the Bamboo Watches get wet?

  • Every Bamboo Watch is splash resistant.
  • We don’t recommend you submerge your watch in water as it isn’t water proof.
  • If your watch gets very wet we recommend you dry it thoroughly with a towel or cloth.

What type of Bamboo are in your Watches?

  • We have three types of Bamboo.
  • Carbonised bamboo.
  • Natural bamboo 
  • Stained Bamboo.
  • No one Bamboo Watch is the same as you will see different grains and texture of bamboo in the crafting process. Every watch or sunglasses will be completely unique!

How long will my Bamboo Watch last?

  • Many Bamboo Watch brands sell “off the shelf” rebranded watches that are cheap and poor quality.
  • They most likely come from the same manufacturer who is only concerned about the bottom line rather than quality. These watches don’t usually last long and don’t offer much of a warranty.
  • We use premium A-grade bamboo and each watch has gone through a strict quality control process.
  • Each Bamboo Watch has been concept, prototype tested and made with strict quality guidelines.
  • Our watches are completely unique and not some cookie cutter watch. You will enjoy our watches for many years!

Do you have a warranty and return policy?

  • Yes. All bamb-u products are covered by our warranty. Please visit our warranty page here for more details on returns and warranty.