Bamb-u has now officially closed. Thank you to our loyal customers for your support over the past eight years. Bon voyage!

Bamb-u Watches - extra FAQs

What type of bamboo is used in your watches?

  • We have three types of bamboo; carbonised, natural and stained.
  • All of our bamboo is sustainably farmed and FSC Certified.
  • Being a natural product, no bamboo watch is identical. You will see different grains and textures in each, making every product unique!

Are your watches adjustable for different wrist sizes?
  • Absolutely. All of our watch straps can have the links removed for optimal wrist sizing. We recommend you use an authorised watch dealer to take the links out.
  • We have two types of link pins in our bamboo watches; screw and friction pin lock links, which are both easily removed.

Can your watches get wet?

  • Every bamboo watch is splash resistant.
  • We don’t recommend you submerge your watch in water as it isn’t water proof.
  • If your watch gets very wet, we recommend you dry it thoroughly with a towel or cloth.

How long will my bamboo watch last?

  • Each watch has gone through a strict quality control process, allowing you to enjoy your watch for many years. 
  • As with all watches, from time to time you may need to replace the battery, however these usually last for at least 12 months and often up to 3 years. New batteries are readily available at jewellery and watch shops at a minimal price.

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