About Us

bamb-u is the original bamboo watch and sunglasses brand which was founded in a suburban Adelaide garage back in 2012 by Bol Varga. While working in an oversaturated renewable energy industry, Bol wanted to make products that were practical, functional & truely sustainable. But importantly, products that could make a difference in people's lives.

"Our aim is to ethically make, premium quality, sustainable products that will not only turn heads but will give something back at the same time." Bol Varga

That’s why, with every product purchased, bamb-u plant 7 trees in countries affected by deforestation. For more information about our planting program please click here.

 We know how scary it can be buying products online. It can be an anxious feeling hitting the purchase button a on site you have never used before. Using Our Secure payment gateway means you can buy with 100% confidence! Our checkout is secured by the leading 2 secure payment gateways, Stripe & PayPal. And our site is protected by McAfee Secure! So you know your purchases are in very safe hands!

Our bamboo watches and bamboo sunglasses are made from FSC certified, sustainably farmed, A-grade bamboo and have high quality components, including: Japanese made, Citizen Miyota movements, TAC UV400 polarised lenses, stainless steel clasps, hinges, screws and link pins and come with free shipping. We have a dedicated, highly skilled team that manufacture our products.

Why did we choose bamboo and not wood to make our products? While we think wooden watches and sunglasses look beautiful, the sustainability of the wood used is  questionable. Many of the timbers used in the production of wooden watches and sunglasses are on endangered and or black lists and are often smuggled into China from neighbouring countries. So for us it was an ethical choice. Not to mention that bamboo is such an awesome product.

Benefits of bamboo:

  • Bamboo needs little to no water to grow.
  • There is no need for the use of fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Bamboo regenerates it’s self after being harvested and grows to full size within 4 years, not 40 years like most hardwoods.
  • Bamboo is very durable and lightweight which makes our products extra comfortable.
  • Bamboo has excellent antibacterial benefits and is very gentle to sensitive skin.
  • By using bamboo, we are helping communities that have otherwise failed crops make a proper living by farming bamboo.

 Our Customers:

Our customer demographic is a very even split of guys and girls, as many of our products are unisex. Our products make the perfect gift and are very popular wedding accessories for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen.

bamb-u is based in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.