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Bamboo Wood Watches, the more sustainable approach

Bamboo Wood watches have become a very sought after fashion accessory. But unlike traditional timber wood watches, bamboo wood watches are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our Bamboo Watches are made entirely of FSC approved, sustainably farmed bamboo. Many wood watches are made from rare and endangered timbers as well as from timbers logged from ever shrinking rain forests. But this is not the case with our super eco bamboo wood watches.

Benefits of Bamboo Wood Watches

Bamboo wood watches have many benefits over plastic or metal watches. First off they are much more sustainable which is a massive benefit. Bamboo wood watches are perfect for people who are sensitive to metals and plastics as the natural antibacterial properties bamboo means you can wear them without having skin irritations.

Bamboo wood watches are extremely light weight so you hardly notice you are wearing one. 

They are a real heard turner and conversation starter. When you wear your bamboo wood watch out and people, expect people to ask you about it. Our premium designs really stand out and attract peoples attention where you may be.

They are unique and stylish and make an excellent and affordable gift for you or someone you love. 

Our bamboo wood watches are the perfect blend of style and substance. Each design is crafted from sustainably farmed bamboo and features Citizen Miyota movements. Our watches are super light weight and durable, making them the ideal accessory for stylish nature lovers the world over. We plant 7 trees with each watch purchased.